Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Quick Intro

Hi All,

Where do you get your protien? If I had a nickel.....I started this blog as part of my journey to a healthier way of eating. I apologize in advance I am not a writer but will do my best.  I am not really sure if the information I share will add value to you but if it does that's a plus. Anyhow, back to where do you get your protien? Not a problem, if you eat fruit and veggies you get all the body needs.   

My name is Pete and my goal is not to try and tell people how they should eat, live, or anything of the sort. I am sharing my experience with a diet of food many people may not be accustomed to or know about.

What is a whole food plant based (WFPD) diet? Well there are many books and you can search for these online (just search under whole food plant based) my goal is not to promote just to share. Back to what is WFPB? My interpretation is a pretty simple one, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts... the list goes on but basically things that grow out of the earth that are edible. Some would argue that there is more to this than what I just put down on paper and they may be right but this is my blog so.....Some would also argue that that means you're Vegan, well I do like animals and don't like to eat them but I am not judging others.


Okay then maybe not a quick intro... 



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